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In February, 2019, I finally made time to redo the overstuffed cabin notebook, which holds mostly helpful stuff but which had reached hoarder status due to a serious case of neglect (blame it on the grandbabies! or the dogs! or the bees! or the full moons!). Imagine the surprise of discovering (in the midst of countless brochures, menus, maps, etc.) a fat packet of pages printed from the old web site that a cabineer had thoughtfully tucked inside... in 2012! Included in this packet were comments from guests, most of which had been written in the very first 'journal' left in the cabin many years ago and added to the old web site. Unfortunately, that first journal was taken by a long-term guest a number of years ago. He caused a bit of grief in several areas, but losing that journal was the most difficult for me. The old web site imploded several years ago, so I thought that all the memories shared by our earlier 'cabineers' were lost forever. Thank you, Unknown Cabineer, for such a welcomed gift! It is extremely uplifting to ME to read how Angel Mountain has provided so many exceptional guests with a boost of sorts over the years; consequently, almost all of the comments are included :) Prop your feet up and stay a while... and then make a reservation. You know you want to.... Helen

Thank you so very much for letting us stay here. It was a great break in a very long road trip. We both agreed  we wish we could stay longer. How wonderful it is that even after so many years we have such sweet memories of growing up and being together. Love you so very much, Cousin Mary* (*inside joke - she really is Helen's cousin, but her name isn't Mary!)

Philippians 1:3-5 - As I was studying the Book of Judges the last few days, I was reminded of how important families are and that the older folks pass onto the younger folks God's love, grace & glory. Judges is about the Israelites being really close to the Lord & then wandering off.... I was talking with my Heavenly Father early this morn & He reminded me of how important it is for us older folks to share and encourage EACH OTHER.   God's perfect plan for community/family comes from He Himself. The Father, Son & Holy Spirit are 1 God in 3 persons - they have the perfect family - community. They lack for nothing. Yet they continue to bring glory, praise & honor to each other.   We, on the the other hand, need Him & He has blessed us with family that we can come to & be refreshed & renewed! That is what has happened for us these last couple of days - we had long hard drives, but we were coming to the arms of loving family. Words can not convey the refreshing & restoration we have experienced here!    I thank my God for you!   Gene O ('Cousin Mary's' husband!)  


What a gift you gave us to get away from our crazy lives and relax in this ADORABLE cabin! We had already loved the mountains before staying @ Angel Mtn, but now our hearts are even more fond of them - and all your personal touches to the cabin made our experience here extra special. I started reading Jeffrey's Journey (The Jeffrey Journey) but did not have time to finish. What I did get to read, though, was how God used you before & during Jeffrey's life to be a light to others. This cabin is a beautiful demonstration of how God wasn't done with your family when he brought Jeffrey home. So, Blake and I thank you for being a light of healing. We look forward to our next visit! Christina

Thank you so much for allowing us to come stay here in your cabin. My wife and I  have had a wonderful, fantastic, and VERY relaxing weekend. Honestly, this has been one of the best vacations we have ever had. My one and only suggestion would be a hammock in the backyard of the cabin, but if you had one here I'd probably never leave :)   This is the most lovely and cute cabin we've ever seen. You took such good care of us, with all your notes and hints, we greatly appreciate  you. Your DVD collection was amazing; you had many of favorite films, many of which I hadn't seen in a very long time.   It was great to catch up on my movies. This place is perfect! You are so warm and welcoming as well. The walk up the mountain nearly killed my big self, but it was such a beautiful spot. I'd walk it again despite my size. We hate to leave but we must. Thank for everything!  PS - I never did go fishing... after feeding them... I felt fishing here would be too easy :)

CJ & Jessica

This is the first (but not the last!) time we stayed at this wonderful cabin!.... You have made this vacation feel so homey.... I overpacked because the cabins we usually stay in don't include the things you made sure we had.... I love that books and movies and games were already here as well! During our stay I read your book from cover to cover. I walked up the mountain top. We fed the fishes from both ponds. Everything you read in this book, you should do! This trip was about relaxing and enjoying family time together. It was really what I needed and the best birthday get-away! Thank you for opening up this cabin! Jessica & CJ


Thank you both for another amazing visit! We thought it could never get better but indeed it has. Such a peaceful dwelling. We'll be back! Love to the Baldwins. Buzz, buzz, buzz - Julie and Jamie


This was a mini honeymoon for us. No better way to spend our time than relaxing with the trees. Neither of us picked up a tablet or cell phone the whole night. Cabin is beautiful. Thank you for the chocolates :) We cooked veggies on the grill and ate and then looked at the stars after the sunset. We will be back to visit again. Randy & Helen are top notch. The Marshes


As always, everything was perfect. The weather has been great. It was good to see you again and plan to come back in July. Ronnie got to fish a few times. You always spoil us with the candy buckets and the little extras. Thank you again. Karen & Ronnie


First time at Angel Mountain Cabin. Much needed time of rest and relaxation. Helen and Randy, thank you for your great hospitality. Everything was taken care of. Sometimes one needs to get away from the hustle and bustle and enjoy peace and tranquility. This visit was such a blessing. We celebrated our 48th anniversary and my birthday. Thank you again for everything. In Christ, Jimmy & Judi


First time here at Angel Mountain, but will not be the last. Had several beautiful days here. I love the cabin, it was just what I needed. Brought my dog, Keeper, to the mountains for 1st time. Walked to top of Angel Mountain twice. We hiked Mount Jefferson and at the New River State Park down the road. Enjoyed feeding the fish each day and saw the monster fish in the small pond. Helen was great! She had dog treats & a surprise in the fridge. Wish I could stay longer. Did a lot of praying, should have done more. Love this place, don't change a thing! Rusty


It was a great stay again! Charlie, Cathy, & Emerson


Me and my son came up for a quick guys trip. On Friday we did the 5-mile kayak trip with Zaloo's Canoes. It was the first time for both of us and what a great experience.... That night we went to W. Jefferson and ate at the Hotel Tavern and it was fantastic. After feeding ourselves we came back to the cabin and fed the fish. There were a couple of surprises in the smaller pond :) As always, the cabin was clean and just right with everything we needed. The bug bar worked great! My wife and girls are already planning their trip to Angel Mountain. Clynt & Will 


Thank you again for making us feel at home. This is our second stay and hopefully we'll have many more.... You couldn't find a better place to rest and relax with the extra touches, candies, and cider in the fridge.... We have really needed this weekend... to have some peaceful, uninterrupted time for us.... Thank you, and we look forward to coming again this year..... Charlie & Cathy

This is our second trip to Angel Mountain Cabin. The first time was in May 2008 to celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary.... We have wanted to come back, so here we are now, celebrating our 26th anniversary....We walked to the top of Angel Mountain. It's beautiful up there and so peaceful.... Carl & Sherrion

It is so good to be back at Angel Mountain. It is like heaven up here compared to home in Yadkin Co. We love this cool weather in July.... This is the perfect place to get away and we love it here. We feel so blessed just to get to stay here. Dale and Kathy

Thank you so much for a nice, relaxing weekend in the cabin!  We wanted you to have this blanket as a gift from us. It was part of our auction package w/ the cabin and so it just feels right to give it to you. You can leave it in the cabin or enjoy it all to yourselves in the farmhouse (sorry, cabineers - we're enjoying it in the farmhouse!)! My sister made it so it comes packed with lot of love from us and our family! Thank you so much! Have a great day! Sam & Kathy 

Angel Mountain is very relaxing. My son Sequoyah and I got to spend 4 days together. He even took a dip in the New River. He lives in a group home and is an artist, a member of the Ashe County Arts Council. Maybe you will see his art work at a venue in town. Sequoyah and Lois


Haven't stayed since 2004, but never forgot the beauty, warmth & hospitality. It's like coming home :) . I've been all over the U.S. and have yet to experience the kindness, hospitality & effort from any other host/hostess. You're top notch. The cabin is as comforting and as welcoming as I remember. Thank you! P.S. - The extras do help set you apart from the rest. Thank you for caring! Melissa, Jody, & 'Bear'

This was such a wonderful experience. Thank you so much for your hospitality. Your cabin was perfect. The extra little details make you feel like home.... You are treated like family instead of strangers.... Armando & Desiree


Another extraordinary visit to beloved Angel Mountain and cabin. No place on earth like this... really. We've said for a long time that in Ashe County it's a local call to God, and nothing has changed that! Thank you dearest Helen & Randy and cherished tribe... 2- and 4-legged... for creating & maintaining this wondrous retreat for all who can appreciate its specialness! Libby

As always everything was perfect. It was good to see you again. The weather was nice and cool.... Hope to be back in July. Thank you so much for all the little extras. Karen &  Ronnie 

We really enjoyed our stay at the Angel Mountain Cabin! It was great to meet you all and enjoyed feeding the fish and hiking to the mountain top! Thanks for your hospitality and the awesome weather! Sam & Kathy

We are very happy with our stay at the Angel Mtn. cabin. Everything was just perfect and clean, hope we get to come back soon. Geraldine & Robert


Helen, can I stay here forever? What would be the rate for that? Of course, I'm sure I would miss my dog and my husband.... oops, I mean my husband and my dog! Libby


Absolute, total, complete relaxation - reached! What a delightful place to spend time. From the earth we walked on to the heavens we watched. Gary & Beth

From the chipmunks in the backyard, the deer in the driveway one early morn, and to all the special 'little' things that you have done to make our first stay in the cabin special, we thank you. We have been amazed at the well-stocked movies, books, and all the other things that one may need while here. Ronnie wanted to fish in the pond, but after becoming friends with the catfish, he just couldn't.... Karen & Ronnie

If you need to relax, you have found the perfect 'Godsend Place'.... Tim & Andrea

As one who has come to beloved Ashe County for 19 years (one long weekend a year), I can say without qualification: Angel Mountain Cabin is THE nicest, cleanest, most welcoming & spacious single cabin you will ever find.... To sum it up, I'd say: When all you hear is crickets & wind whistling in the trees, you know you're in the right place! and God embraced Ashe County long ago, and He hasn't let go yet! Truly, heaven on earth.... Libby

Dear Helen and Randy - Thank you for sharing this magical spot of serenity and beauty.... Ed & Becky

Such a beautiful and peaceful time here. Thanks for all of the little things you do to show you care, and thanks for sharing your stories of happiness and struggles and hopes. It's so neat to have connected with you through Jonah's story, and thank you for your help, love, and prayers in that regard, too. Look forward to seeing you and talking to you more in the years to come. Peyton, Amy, Asher, & Ainsley


.... The sun filtering through the trees and the wonderful wildlife that greeted us this morning - deer & squirrels - no wonder you came here & never left. Such absolute peace..... Karen & Steve (longtime friends; Helen and Karen hadn’t seen each other in 18 years!)

This morning, early, I went to the beautiful backyard, a place of sacred serenity. There I found a squirrel, 3 birds, a chipmunk stretching up on his hind legs, & a lovely still rabbit. What a blessed space Angel Mountain Cabin is! And what luxurious hospitality Helen provides. Two year ago, this was a special moment of healing for me as I struggled with medical treatment. Now, healthy & strong, I rejoice in the beauty & adventure of the cabin & Ashe County! Thank you! - Barbara


Arrived late to find a warm cabin tucked quietly in the trees. Slept with the sound of rain on the roof. Wishing we didn’t have obligations for tomorrow so that we could stay another night. We will definitely be back. Absolutely Love this Place! Thanks for the very wawrm welcome and all the amenities anyone could ask for. - Todd & Cathy


We came here for our honeymoon and had a wonderful trip. We woke up in the mornings to deer, rabbits, squirrels and other animals eating in the back yard. This was an amazing trip and we hope to be back very soon. Being here made this a perfect honeymoon! - Amanda & Aaron


.... This is one of the best getaways for us. We LOVE it here. Thank you so much for your hospitality and warm welcome each time we visit. We will be back :) Brigid & Wayne 

... What a blessing! I don't think anywhere could have been better, and we are glad to have found this place. Birds chirping, crickets, cicadas and the wind in the trees. So hard to go back to the real world, as we must.... We are grateful for this time away from our normal lives, and we are envious that you get to enjoy it always.... William and Dana

Another incredible weekend at one of the most beloved places on earth! 'Angel Mountain Cabin'... really is. Blessings forever to this cherished family & wonderful place! Always, Libby

It's our 6th wedding anniversary, and there was only one place I wanted to go - Angel Mountain! It was a hectic fall and winter for us so all I wanted to do is get away to where it is quiet, peaceful, scenic and serene, and no other place compares. This is our 3rd (or 4th?) trip and Angel Mountain never disappoints.... We love coming here, thank you for doing what you do :) Brigid & Wayne

From a young cabineer: The first day was awsome because we saw all the catfish at the edge of the water and we caught alot of large mouth bass, catfish, and bluegill so yes it was fun. The second day was even better. I caught 3 catfish and they were big so the whole time we were here it was totally fun. Sierra

What a dream! Just what I needed on my 35th birthday. I could not have dreamed it would be this beautiful & peaceful. From the backyard, to the ponds, to the top of angel mtn, to the New River State Park, to Zaloo's Canoes, we have had the best time. One of the best things was the hospitality we received from Helen & Randy - you would think we have known them for years.... Thank you Helen & Randy for sharing your beautiful Angel Mountain with us. Jason, Elisha, & Dinky

After calling another place to arrange a weekend stay and having waited too long (typical!), they recommended that I call Helen. What a blessing! I don't think anywhere could have been better, and we are glad to have found this place. Birds chirping, crickets, cicadas, and the wind in the trees - so hard to go back to the real world, as we must. The ponds are beautiful, the scenery amazing. Watched the sun set from on the hill last night... Clouds from the coastal storms drifting over the mountains and the changing colors made it a very special time and place. This cabin is way cool... I want one! Last night was crisp and cooler than the last few days, so we opened the windows & enjoyed it. By morning the crows (and the fresh air) woke us to another beautiful NC mountain day. We are grateful for this time away from our normal lives, and we are envious that you get to enjoy it always. Be well, be safe, be happy - William and Dana

Thank you again for providing such a quiet relaxing place and allowing Ronnie to fish in the ponds. We've had a nightly visitor which we know is a raccoon. We've enjoyed the chipmunks, rabbits & squirrels; even a deer came down the driveway one morning.... Karen & Ronnie

Thank you for such a wonderful get-a-way spot! The cabin is everything you could want. We enjoyed the movies, music & Tom was impressed with The Jeffrey Journey.... Love to all, Donna, Tom, & Lilo

Thank you so much for allowing us to enjoy this little piece of Heaven. I came here with my husband & 3 boys, we all fell in love. We were all in need of some relaxation & peace and quiet and we found it here. This mini vacation is by far the best thing I have ever won (through Jonah's Auction)!!! I hope to return n the fall, for my anniversary :) The story, or should I say history, that belongs to Angel Mountain is tragic, yet I found myself thankful for the opportunity of learning of it. Thank you for sharing Jeffrey's journey with us (PS - Best Mother's Day Ever!!! Thank you for the CD - the music is beautiful! Thank you for the candy, too - it was gone day 1!) - Sincerely, Jess, Horacio, Horacio Jr., Sebastian, & Julian

...everything was perfect - and this time here was an important part of our healing process.... With grateful hearts, Chris, Marilyn, Chris, Jr.

... This place is a treasure.... I walked this morning and came upon the clearing at the top and just sat on the bench for a while. I was overwhelmed with peace. I sat thinking of the rush of my life and was reminded of God's urging us to come and hide under the shadow of His wings. At that moment it was as it should be as I listened to the music of the earth worship our creator. Gregg & Debbie

Thank you for our delightful stay here at the Angel Mountain Cabin. As teachers, we needed a getaway weekend that was low key, no schedules, bells, meetings, and phones. We just didn't want to leave. The winery was fabulous, we spent money like crazy and didn't regret it. We love this area and will be back soon. We did eat all of the chocolate..... Lori, Jenni, Chey, & Nada

As you know this is a special place for us for many reasons - one being we became engaged while staying here. We've been back a few times since and plan to be back many more times. You always make us feel so welcomed! Adam, Elizabeth, & Sawyer (4 months!)

This is one of my favorite places on earth, so I have it coded into my cell phone. As I looked down to call Helen at my arrival, I saw that my cell phone screen clearly displays the following: 'HELEN BALDWIN ANGEL' (the 'MOUNTAIN' doesn't display until later). I think that says it all! I love you guys so much. - Libby

We have come to the mountains of NC many times. This trip, however, will stand out as a new beginning. We are at a crossroads in our lives and this quaint, charming cabin has brought much peace and clarity. Thank you, Helen and Randy, for sharing Angel Cabin. It is part of your soul and is now part of ours. Thank you so much for allowing this magical place to be the landmark on the road to a whole new life for us. - Much love.... LaDean & Terry

Prayer: Father God I ask you to bless Randy and Helen in the most awesome ways! I also ask you to show your self in new ways to each person who comes here. I ask in Jesus name - Amen. Dawn & Seth

Thank you for sharing your wonderful cabin. We had been planning our trip for several weeks to camp and canoe with our 5-yr old German shorthair pointer. But on Friday before we left Raleigh, we realized camping was not in the cards with all the rain. While searching the internet for an alternate solution, we came upon Angel Mountain Cabin. What a wonderful surprise when we arrived! The cabin was perfect! The rain held off on Saturday and allowed us to go canoeing with Ellie. She had a great time. We visited the Cheese Factory and rode around the mountain and enjoyed the beautiful views..... We hope to build a cabin as quiet and peaceful as Angel Mountain one day. Sincerely, Sherwood & Dawn (PS - Ellie loved the blanket!)

... We bid on the cabin at last year's SMA auction & after being here & experiencing Jeffrey's Journey - I know it was a God ordained trip. We lost our precious Aiden November 9, 2011. He was 3 months way from turning 5 years old.... Reading The Jeffrey Journal* (*Journey) brought back so, so many memories of our precious angel and that first year. We so enjoyed visiting Jeffrey's place on top of Angel Mountain.... David & Cindy

Birthday weekend getaway surprise. Thanks to my wife for that. She could not have picked a better place - we really enjoyed our stay. It was as peaceful as it could possibly be. Canoe trip, sightseeing, shopping, sleeping, eating, relaxing, and most of all, enjoying time with the love of my life! Helen, thanks so much for the warm welcome and great hospitality. I also want to thank you for the inspirational reading of The Jeffrey Journey (my reading, your writing). What an amazing story of triumph. I know Jeffrey is so proud of his family! Thanks for my birthday presents. May God continue to bless you and your family. - Royce & Angie

Fred & I have traveled to Ashe County now for the past 4 years at least 3-4 times/year. We have stayed in cabins, big & Small, all over the county. By far all the little surprises, basket of candy, welcome letter (personalized) & bubbly the best welcome we have ever had.... Thank you for a beautiful retreat. Fred & Michelle

Thank you both for this haven in your hills....

Coffee - used

Hot Chocolate - used

Gift cert. - used (and we went back the next day)

Peace & quiet - absorbed. Peggy & Bob

Perfect! No traffic! No phones ringing! No one knocking on the door! Perfect peace!... Next time I need a rubber room I'll call you. LOL. Jim & Wanda

What a perfect place to step away from everyday life and relax. So peaceful and quiet here - loved sitting on the deck listening to the sound of nothing but what Mother Nature had to offer. Can't say enough about this cozy little cabin amazingly stocked with everything! Hiked in New River State Park and were very pleasantly surprised when a dozen wild turkeys sauntered across the trail about 75 yds. from where we were standing. Hiked to the top of Angel Mountain and, once again, found ourselves in a beautiful, peaceful, serene setting.... Angel Mountain Cabin - such a special little gem in Ashe County. Hope to return soon. - Gail & Junie

Another incredible weekend of peace, quiet, and the ability to think &  plan (& grade papers) & draw some too. You are extraordinary hosts in EVERY way!! God's richest & finest blessings on you always.... Love, Libby

From the minute we drove over the 'hump' we fell in love with this quaint little cabin. The location and views are perfect. The hospitality can not be beat.... Byron & Dave

We were very excited for a 1st cabin stay.... Upon entering the cabin and finding all the special homey touches, I instantly felt welcomed, relaxed, and pampered. Biscuit (our lab) and I hiked up to the cemetery on top of Angel Mountain, and the quiet, serene area felt welcoming and calming. David, Biscuit, and I rode to the State Park and hiked the nature trails there.... The (next) morning started off rainy, so I curled up with a book (The Jeffrey Journey), and David a movie. It's been a long time since we had such a relaxing morning listening to the 'Dreams for Jeffrey' CD.... David & Craig (son) canoed the New River while Biscuit & I hiked. Biscuit swam in the catfish pond & tried to catch one, but (thank goodness) the fish were too quick for him. Biscuit and I saw a deer, and I'm not sure who was more frightened, Biscuit or the deer! This cabin and the surrounding area has such a calming effect on me; I know I'm going to miss it when we leave.... I hope everyone that stays at the cabin enjoys it as much as we have. - Cynthia 


Another young cabineer: This trip was so good and amazing. I loved it. It smellls good in here (note from Helen - apparently worth an extra 'l'!). JoJo is a Dodo. I really liked the bed and the covers. I love the trail and the scenes. I loved grilling and the fire, it was such a pleasure to be here. Sincerely, Sebastian 

This has been the most relaxing and peaceful spot we have ever been to & we have been all over the United States traveling.... Nikki

This was a wonderful vacation!! This is our first time visiting in June.... We went to all the places we have wanted to go for so many years.... We finally got to see the Moses Cone Craft Center. What an awesome treat.... We walked the hiking trail to the Cone family grave site.... It is too bad they are dead and can't enjoy the beautiful view.... We had enough time this trip to really feel the mountains and its culture. We will come back in October and fight the crowds, but it has given us a new perspective of the other seasons. This cabin is such a wonderful sanctuary! Thank you!! - Leslie and Eddie

Thank you so much for your gracious hospitality! This is such a wonderful sanctuary for both body and spirit.... Rachel & Toby, Maxine & Pearl

What an amazing coincidence it has been to have found Angel Mountain, where, it turns out was our grandmother's childhood home. As you know, the reason for our visit was to return her remains to her family cemetery. We ended up gaining so much more.... Kim & Casey

I don't know how many visits this trip makes... 8? 10? Either way, we love it as much this trip as we did the first. Looking through others' comments, there is a clear theme; everyone finds Angel Mtn. Cabin relaxing and 'falls in love' with the place.... Brigid & Wayne

It was a wonderful weekend and we had a blast!!! The cabin was just right, just enough room for our troop. We had the most fun - we hiked up Angel Mountain, ate the best bbq I think I have ever had (When Pigs Fly), played tag in the back yard, we played in the creek down the road, we hiked up Mount Jefferson, we hiked at the NRSP, and then before we left today we went canoeing (it was such a beautiful day!!!). I feel human again!!! I wished I would have been able to see you today! I wanted to purchase your book; I started reading it and didn't want to put it down, but I had to. Helen, thank you so much for everything, it was great. Jessica

It's perfect. It's absolutely perfect. The cabin itself is quaint and cozy. The surrounding beauty and your hospitality make it over the moon comfortable. I will be recommending this place to as many people as I'm able. Also, your Mother's "Dreams for Jeffrey" (the one we've listened to so far) on CD is just gorgeous. Byron

There are no words that can tell you how much we love Angel Mountain Cabin. It is a little piece of heaven. So quiet and peaceful. Dale said he has never stayed anywhere quiet as here.....Very Thankful, Dale & Kathy

Every once in a while in life you run across a treasure that words just can't explain, but I will attempt to do my best. Perfection comes to mind from the ease of making reservations, to the wonderful hospitality, to the location and the size of the cabin, and its surrounds, to the music your mother composed to the honey Randy gathered, and the weather that God created. 'Absolute perfection.' Thank you so much for sharing your little piece of heaven with us. Doug & Teresa

It was the most wonderful, relaxing weekend anyone could ever imagine. Bob and I were talking just last night about how we wanted to make your cabin a regular get away! Thank you so very much. Joyfully, Cindy

I just wanted to thank each of you for the WONDERFUL gift of staying in the cabin for 2 nights. Words just can't express how perfect it was. It was exactly what I needed and sooooo beautiful. I am convinced there is no better way to hear the voice of God than to sit on the bank of the New River and listen. You are all such a blessing to me and I want to thank you sooo much!!!!!!!!!! God Bless You, Katie (this stay was a gift from Helen's brother and sister-in-law)

Wow - we arrived to such wonderful hospitality! Our first journey after feeding the huge catfish was to drive to the state park, just down the road. We went swimming in the river & the boys found treasures in the water. Then we took a hike on the trail. The boys weren't looking forward to it....We took the pamphlet that is offered for various stops along the hike. The boys got so into it with all the interesting tidbits that they began to run to each #.... The next morning after breakfast we took a hike up to the top of Angel Mountain. Wow, how beautiful a place.... I have to say the boys were not happy when we declared the weekend "electronic free," but in the end we had an awesome weekend. Thanks for everything - Rob, Penny, Sean, Nick, and Matt

The charm and friendliness of Angel Mountain and of Helen far outweigh a few days of off-and-on showers. In the windows of sunshine, we were able to take some super pictures.... It's our third stay at the cabin, and we'll be back in the Spring to one of the most beautiful and relaxing areas I've ever seen. - Bob and Peggy

If you need to relax, you have found the perfect "Godsend Place." We brought our cat (Miss Kitty) and dog (Rusty K.C.); that was a great feeling to be able to have our pet family with us. Rusty loved the pond, didn't know what to think of he BIG catfis....You have to walk to the top of the mountain; so peaceful, and apples are delicious.... The hummingbirds were busy in the morning and late in the evening.... We spent most of our time just resting, talking, reading while sitting on the porch, for that was what we were searching for, and we found that special place here. Thanks for a very relaxing place to come to! God's Blessings - Tim & Andrea

When we got here, I was very tense and stressed; it's been a rough 2 or 3 years in our family. This was the perfect place for me and Mike.... I was in 'heaven.' The silence, watching nature, meditating, and the beautiful scenery all combined to relax me. I reconnected with the truly beautiful side of life. Nature, in all its glory, the earth in her many gifts, and animals (seen and unseen) made me realize how truly small and unimportant most of the problems that had stressed me out were (actually, all of them). Helen and Randy are so thoughtful and nice. All the love and homey touches made us feel as if we were truly home, but better, and I would love to stay another week or two.... Sadly, this is our last morning, and I don't want to leave. But real life beckons. I return home more relaxed and with our 'problems' in perspective, and hopefully I will hold on to this feeling, and the memory of it will sustain me until we can come back. What? Oh my yes! We will be back! This is absolutely an Angel Cabin... a piece of 'Heaven' on earth. I hope whoever comes after us will have as wonderful experience as we did and takes home as much peace. God Bless Randy & Helen - Diana & Mike

This is our 3rd visit and certainly plan to come again and again. The location, hospitality and surroundings make it a wonderful get-away. Plus being able to have our kids (dogs) with us makes it even better. Thank you, Randy and Helen, for offering such an enjoyable place - Jim, Vicki, Katie, and Isabel

One of the great things to see... right here at the cabin... is the night sky! I brought my telescope and set up right between the two ponds. As far as I could tell, the sky was about as dark and clear as anywhere in NC, except perhaps on or right near the outer banks! The Milky Way when it rose was rich in stars; Saturn was magnificent (steady skies helped); I could even see some fairly faint galaxies and nebulae in my small refractor (M81 & M82)... the Owl Nebula & M106). Definitely worth seeing... and if you don't have a telescope bring binoculars or just sit down at the pond at night with the frogs and watch the fireflies!!! Very magical! - Robert

This weekend has been so absolutely perfect. We love this cabin. The location is amazing. This place, after just one visit, already holds so many memories for us (we were engaged yesterday!). We will be long time customers :) You have a wonderful place and a wonderful story. Thank you for letting us share it. Love - Elizabeth & Adam

This is our second trip up here, and we love it! I can say without a doubt, if you are looking for a place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the world, this is the place! We have always found Helen & Randy to be the most welcoming people we have ever met. They truly want your stay here to be relaxing and inviting. You will be amazed at how quiet and beautiful this town is; from the Christmas trees to the mountains, every scene is breathtaking. When you arrive at the cabin, the little personal touches from flannel sheets to little treats make you feel like this is the place you want to be and never leave.... You will find that after your stay here at Angel Mountain Cabin, nothing else will ever measure up! Thank You, Helen & Randy! - The Malcolms

This was such a wonderful escape! We really needed to get away for a few days and were so excited to be the winning bid at the Wake Teen auction in Raleigh. It is so peaceful here - we love the quaint cabin. Our animals were so happy to be here, too; we appreciate being able to bring them along! Thank you, Helen & Randy, for all of the special touches. We will take our memories of this trip home with us and be energized until our next trip back to the mountains! We hope to be back soon! Thank you! - Elizabeth, Ted, Rosie, Buddie, Gads (THREE cats!), and Diesel (sweet dog with cancer who earned her wings not long after their trip here)

... your pond children... are some of the biggest beefiest koi I have ever photo referenced. They are koibillies! - Leslie

What a peaceful, cozy, comfort-filled cabin Angel Mountain Cabin is. We have loved every minute of our time here. The geese, the hummingbird and fish, plus many birds have welcomed us - as you have! Thank you so much for the mountain oasis experience. We will be back and will tell others - just the dearest ones - of Angel Mountain Cabin! May the fall season bring many wanted guests your way. Peace to you and yours. PS - As you can see, we loved the chocolates! With warm regards - Anita and Barbara

Joe and I really enjoyed Angel Mtn. Cabin. It is so pretty there. We had a very nice weekend. As you can tell, we got into the chocolate candy :) The coffees, popcorn, and hot chocolate are a nice homey touch. We both enjoyed the notebook you put together.... It was even nice hearing the sound of the rain on the metal roof.... Thanks for sharing your beautiful place with us.... - Debbie

I am leaving this little angel for the cabin. A dear friend gave her to me for this retreat and it seemed fitting that she stay behind to bless all of the angels who live here - your family, your guests, all who find peace, rest and healing on Angel Mountain. I am most grateful for your kindness and the beautiful refuge you have created. Accept my thanks and blessings for peace and love in your lives. - Linda

I wanted again to say THANK YOU so much for allowing us to stay in the cabin. It was wonderful. The perfect get away. The hike through the mountain was amazing. Plus I got to see Jeffrey's resting place which was pretty special. I can't wait until we are able to  go back. Jack and I both had a great time. We sat in the living room with no noise alot of the time just enjoying the nothing.. haha. In the morning I found myself staring out the window because Jack would go out and throw bird feed because I love to watch the birds.... I loved meeting all the animals as well. I felt like I already knew them just by reading your blog.... Take are of yourself and it was GREAT to see you again. Love - Christie

Jason & I want to thank you all for a relaxing weekend that was much needed! We had a wonderful time. Thank you for the hospitality. The chocolate & the cider were an excellent touch.... The cabin itself is charming! It's perfect for a couple who needs to just get away. We watched several movies & ate way too much junk - but tomorrow, it's back to the working world.... Anyway, thank you guys for the 'perfect' wedding gift that we finally cashed in after 3 yrs. It truly was the best anniversary we have had! Thanks for everything - Jason and Tabitha

Thank you so much for all the extra, special touches in making our time even better than we could have hoped for! Walking in the first time and seeing the 2 glasses set out and the bottle of chilled, delicious sparkling cider set the tone for a perfect weekend. There wasn't anything we could have wanted for! Bless you! - Kitty & Bruce

WOW! First, I would like to thank you for everything! The cabin is absolutely wonderful. Doug and I had a better time than we could have every imagined. We hiked the trails in the park, to the top of Angel Mountain, and around your lovely ponds. Friday night, we stayed in, ate a delicious steak dinner..., and popped open a bottle of pink champagne on the back deck while watching the sunset. We finished the evening by watching 'Casablanca' (I had always wanted to see it!).... After a hike the next day, we came back, fed the catfish, hiked to the top of Angel Mountain, and then called it a day.... We cannot wait for our next trip to Angel Mountain. Just being here is so relaxing. It is truly beautiful. And we felt like the cabin was our little home :) Again, thank you for everything. Love - Cassie & Doug

Thank you both for making us feel so welcome! Your property is breathtaking, your cabin is gorgeous, your hospitality is generous, and your catfish are 'gi-normous' (as Asher put it). Thank you both again for giving us such a wonderful memory. - Sarah, Henry, Raven, and Asher

Thanks to you and your husband for sharing your charming cabin and for everything you've provided to make it enjoyable for your guests. Every year we go some place different for our anniversary. This is one of our favorites. (We spent four nights at Angel Mountain Cabin to celebrate our 15th anniversary. We loved the cabin and the area is beautiful. The Baldwins added so many special touches to the cabin to make it feel like home for their guests. We especially loved the fact that we could bring our two Pomeranian furbabies, Keesha and Holly. Sadly this was Keesha's last vacation, as she passed away three weeks later at 15-1/2. One of her nicknames was "Earth Angel," so it was very fitting that her last vacation with us was to Angel Mountain Cabin...). - Carl and Sherrion

Thanks you for everything this weekend. We loved our stay in our cabin. We finally got the relaxing weekend we both needed. Your cabin is so cute & CLEAN. You take a lot of pride in it and it shows. Thanks again - Mike & Rebecca

Thanks so much - we had a great time, and even saw a rainbow over the cabin after the storm ended! We will definitely look forward to coming back again... - Karen, Paul, and Henry

Everything was wonderful! perfect! heavenly! Your cabin is comfortable & cozy and we slept like babies.... our lives have been quite hectic and filled with lots of ups and downs over the last couple of years. This weekend has been just what Tim and I needed for US. Thank you for your hospitality. I was quite overjoyed by all the chocolate! Hope to see you again! - Tim & Marie

Just wanted to express my gratitude for your warm hospitality! The couple days we spent there was absolutely one of the most special experiences I have ever had. The cabin was so cute and quaint, the scenery breathtaking, and the clean air was just what this yankee needed! lol I will surely be raving about Jefferson to anyone who will listen! Take care and hope to see you soon. BTW... Seeing how beautiful the cemetery was... was wonderful and bittersweet and I feel privileged for being able to have that experience. Thank you. - Jocelyn

We cannot thank you enough - what a wonderful slice of heaven. - John, Kathryn, Kuma, & Chyna

We want to thank you for letting us enjoy Angel Mountain Cabin. We had a wonderful time. It's so peaceful here. The cabin had all we could ever need! Thank you for helping us get that much-needed relax time. Even though we missed the boy, it was all we dreamed of! Can't wait to come back! - Stephanie & Allen

I WANNA COME BAAACCCK!!!.... Thanks again for a wonderful weekend. It was one to remember. Love and prayers - Phyllis

Trey and I absolutely loved our time at Angel Mountain and had such a sense of peace and happiness while staying in your cabin. Thank you so very much for your hospitality, your kind gifts and also for allowing us to share your special retreat! I did make a delicious blackberry cobbler with the berries we collected on the property about two weeks after we returned home and it brought back such fun memories for us both! - Beth

Just a follow up note to say what a wonderful time we had and to thank you for your lovely hospitality. The cabin is set up so nicely with so many useful and thoughtful touches. Loved the hot chocolate and coffee especially. Very comfortable and of course very convenient. We'll be back and will tell our friends about it too. Have a great Autumn! - Deana

Thank you so much!!! We had an incredible time. I sat on the back porch with my book. I enjoyed the breeze and the view. I really enjoyed the added bonus of getting to pick & eat blackberries :) The cabin was clean, comfortable, and cozy.... The stay was beyond my expectations. The especially nice touches are the videos, books, and games. The basket of tea, popcorn, and little containers of chocolate... very thoughtful. I don't have to tell you, "I'll be back." I'm sure the memory of this 'little piece of heaven' will call me back over & over again. Until next time, God bless - Melissa

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