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Need to escape the real world for a night or two... or more? If so, we've got a getaway for you! Bask in the peace and quiet of the beautiful mountains of Ashe County, North Carolina, mere minutes from the stunning Blue Ridge Parkway and just down the road from the New River State Park. You'll be sharing space with a few wild turkeys, deer, squirrels, birds, chipmunks, rabbits, bullfrogs, groundhogs, herons, and plenty of other critters that like to frequent Angel Mountain, but they're pretty easy to get along with. You might even see a bald eagle....

cabin_K pic.jpeg

Before Randy and Helen moved into their old farmhouse, they hiked up the little mountain on the property and were surprised to discover an old cemetery at the top. Not long after they moved in, they were again surprised to learn that Baby #3 was on the way.


Eight weeks after Jeffrey's arrival came a whopper of a shock - a diagnosis of spinal muscular atrophy (SMA), a progressive neuromuscular disease. At 5-1/2 months, Jeffrey earned his own very special spot on top of the mountain. Angel Mountain.


Christmas tree farms on the mountainsides, cows grazing in lush pastures, and countless streams (and the New River!) render Ashe County pretty picture-perfect, but you just have to be here to fully appreciate the tranquility and throwback to calmer, gentler times. 


And it's not our imagination. The exceptionally soothing vibes of Angel Mountain haven't gone unnoticed by our cabineers, either, or their furballs, who love romping all over and indulging in myriad new thrills.


So what are you waiting for? Chocolate in the cabin? Well, okay... if you insist.


And then how 'bout a nap?






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