Wild turkeys visit. So do herons, ducks, Canada geese, deer, rabbits, possums, woodpeckers, raccoons, groundhogs, muskrats, and hummingbirds… for starters. So join ‘em! Leave the real world insanity behind for a getaway to Angel Mountain Cabin, nestled in the woods with a view that merely hints of Ashe County magic. You’ll quickly see why the critters keep coming back!

Walk to the New River State Park and its maintained trails or down the nearby country road to the river itself. Hike the on-site trails to the top of Angel Mountain and feed the fish in the two ponds on the premises (just ignore their claims that they haven’t been fed lately). Or do nothing. And then take a nap.

Early spring (Signs of ‘real’ Spring gallery here).

It may not feel quite like spring much of the time yet, but the calendar says it is, so WOO HOO!

~ Latest Bzzzzzz ~

The snow has melted!
And SOMEone is ready to get BZZZZZZ-y!
In case you missed it, the cabin now has fiber optic connection for the phone, TV, and WiFi!

The cabin shower is also sporting a spiffy new shower head!

And chocolate, too, of course.

So what are you waiting for… blueberries?

Blueberry bush

~ ~ ~

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